Gittelson Jewelers immediately took us in as if we were family to them! They were all so welcoming and were such a big part of one of the most perfect days of our lives! We would recommend them to anyone! We will definitely be going back to purchase our wedding bands!

Sammi L.

Tri Color

tri color

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Rubies, the July Birthstone

Rubies, the July Birthstone

July Birthstones Rubies, the July birthstone… Ruby is the gemstone of those born in July, under the Cancer sun-sign. There’s no single, better way to demonstrate your deep love for someone than by giving a ruby in celebration of a July birthday. Rubies arouse...
The Birthstone of June. Pearls.

The Birthstone of June. Pearls.

Pearls One of the world's most coveted natural anomalies. 3 June Birthstones There are a three June Birthstones – the Pearl, Alexandrite and the Moonstone. In most people’s eyes though, June is the month of the pearl and here at Gittelson Jewelers, we...

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