Graduation Gift Ideas. For Him. For Her.

Graduation is a milestone that marks important life steps for any individual. Why not commemorate your graduate’s accomplishments with something they will cherish forever. Classic, beautiful, fine jewelry is something that she will love and wear on a regular basis. Start with something simple and beautiful – then focus on the commemorative aspect second.

Diamonds, emeralds and sapphires are timeless pieces that can help start their fine jewelry wardrobe and set them up for success. If your graduate is your son, then a landmark watch to help guide them through the next steps of life may be the gift idea for you. Regardless of your fine jewelry choice, you’ll be sure to share the gift and memory that your graduate will remember forever.


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Emeralds – The Mystical May Birthstone

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Top Tips for Buying Graduation Jewelry Gifts

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The April Birthstone. Diamonds!

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