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Are Halo Engagement Rings Still Popular?

When you finally begin the time-honored process of sourcing an engagement ring for your sweetheart, one of the first styles you may hear about is halo engagement rings. This has become one of the most popular styles in recent years. Two of this year’s biggest celebrity weddings involved halo rings: Celebrity journalists noted that Lady Gaga’s $400,000 engagement ring is a sapphire with a diamond halo, and Nick Jonas had proposed to Priyanka Chopra with a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by smaller baguette stones.

Halo engagement rings are similar to many heirloom rings in great-grandmother’s jewelry boxes. They are bigger and bolder than the classic solitaire engagement ring.

Michael Gittelson

If you don’t have a six-figure budget it’s not a problem. You can still give the gift of a heavenly halo engagement ring at a price that fits your budget. Whether you’ve received a request from your partner or a recommendation from a relative who owns a beautiful heirloom halo, here’s a quick guide to what qualifies as a halo engagement ring, the features and benefits of a halo, and how to select the perfect one.

What is a halo engagement ring setting?

A halo ring is a setting that features a center stone surrounded by a complete loop of smaller stones. These are usually diamonds. The concentric circle or square diamonds in a halo ring often make the center stone appear larger and more brilliant. More specifically, a halo diamond ring is a setting that has a center diamond in a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. Halo engagement rings are similar to many heirloom rings in great-grandmother’s jewelry boxes. They are bigger and bolder than the classic solitaire engagement ring.

Though halos are commonly paired with pavé bands, they can certainly stand on their own with a simple, unadorned band.

halo engagement ring

Different types of halo engagement rings

Even though “the halo engagement ring” sounds like a very specific type of ring, there are many different variations. You have a lot of room for personalization in the halo realm – specifically if you have a vision and would like to design your own ring. The halo around the center stone could be round, squarish, or diamond-shaped. The band can be white, yellow, or rose gold, and the band can meet the center diamond in a straight, twisted, or double-ringed design.

Custom designed halo engagement ring

There is a lot of variety for this type of ring, from cushion cut halo engagement rings to the classic round halo engagement rings. Some styles riding in popularity are the oval engagement rings with a halo and pear-shaped halo engagement rings. But there are also some other types of halo rings with which you might be less familiar. Here are a few examples:

Split shank halo engagement ring

This shimmering style creates even more real estate for accent diamonds. If you love glamour and love turning heads, then your interest should be peaked. With this style, the band of the engagement ring splits when it comes close to your center stone and halo. From the top, this setting looks like a diamond, and its halo is supported by two thin bands rather than one. It’s a popular style for its ability to catch the eye thanks to those smaller gems.

Split Shank halo diamond engagement ring

Plain shank halo engagement ring

This is a classic that ring shoppers know well. An elegant polished band arcs gently up to the diamond and its halo, ensuring the center stone is getting all the attention.

Plain Shank Halo Ring

Pave halo engagement ring

Although the plain shank halo has been the favorite for some time, the pave halo ring is catching up quickly. It’s the gorgeous middle-ground for these different ring settings. The extra accent diamonds only extend partway down the shank of the ring. It’s the sweet spot between extra sparkle and timeless elegance. Brides that love subtle luxury but still want a showstopper piece – this is for you!

Pave Halo engagement ring

Double halo engagement ring

On the other side of the spectrum is this style of halo engagement ring for the bride who feels that more is indeed… more! Generally speaking, the setting can cost more than a single halo, but the little diamonds cost a lot less than a large center stone. And since the single halo can make your diamond look a half-carat bigger, you’re looking at up to a whole carat increase in appearance thanks to the double. Hazzah!!!

Double floating halo diamond ring

Hidden halo engagement ring

Here’s one for ultra-classy, style-minded bride. Hidden halo rings are settings that feature a complete loop of gemstones or diamonds that sits below the center diamond. Hidden halos offer the ring extra character and brilliance. On occasion, based on the ring design, hidden halos can also make the center stone appear larger. We can of course custom-design the hidden halo ring of your dreams 🙂

Hidden Halo Diamond Ring

Pros and Cons of Halo Rings

There are, of course, so many more options when it comes to the halo. Consider this a rudimentary introduction to halo engagement rings. Every setting has its advantages and disadvantages. Halo rings are beautiful choices in many shapes and designs.

A few pros

  • Boosts the size and appearance of the center diamond
  • Smaller stones enhance the ring’s overall sparkle
  • Securely holds and protects the center stone
  • Complements a variety of Diamond Shapes
  • So many option to personalize or custom-design your own.

A few cons

  • Smaller stones may become loose over time
  • Resizing can be difficult with a pavé halo ring due to the small stones in the band
  • But that’s all we can find…

Are halo rings out of style?

No. Halo rings are not out of style. They have actually gained popularity in the last five years. They usually rank in the top 10 engagement ring trends published by various bridal websites. 

While halo rings are trendy, they also have lasting beauty and value. Halo rings were first created in the 1700s and have been passed down as prized heirlooms for generations. Halo rings are considered to be a luxurious choice. It is a perfect choice for the bride that enjoys trending ideas but wants to also have a personal flair and unique look due to all of the options to personalize this ring.

Pink diamond halo ring
Pink diamonds and yellow inner prongs.

Where to buy halo diamond engagement rings

Gittelson Jewelers, of course. As small, family jeweler that has been forging relationship and fitting brides-to-be for generations, we’d like to invite you to share your proposal plans with us. Not only will we work with you to either find the perfect ring configuration or to custom design your own, we’ll offer you best price possible and lifetime customer services.

Schedule an appointment today to chat with Gittelson Jewelers about your engagement ring ideas.

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