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What Time is It? PHOSPHOR::: TIME:::

High tech watch is the hottest thing at Gittelson Jewelers Driven by Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technology, the Phosphor Appear watch...

Silver Heating up For Spring & Summer

Pure design and light, the essential components of the silver collection. Elegance, glamour and uniqueness are the features of a refined jewellery,...

Custom Styles @ Gittelson Jewelers

One size doesn't fit all, the same goes for Jewelry design. Each piece from Gittelson Jewelers is created to fulfill YOUR dreams, using Our skills...

3 Stone Beauty::

Engagement rings are many but not all engagement rings are as popular 3 stone rings. Also known as trilogy or trinity rings, they're timeless...

Time To Remount That Diamond

Whether updating to a trendy style or enhancing a solitaire into a three stone ring, deciding to have your diamond reset into a something new is a...

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