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Custom Styles @ Gittelson Jewelers

One size doesn’t fit all, the same goes for Jewelry design. Each piece from Gittelson Jewelers is created to fulfill YOUR dreams, using Our skills and experience. Shown here are a few tantalizing projects to inspire your interest. What is your dream piece?We are... read more

3 Stone Beauty::

Engagement rings are many but not all engagement rings are as popular 3 stone rings. Also known as trilogy or trinity rings, they’re timeless jewelry pieces with 3 diamonds beautifully studded in them. Each diamond symbolizes the love of the couple – in... read more

Time To Remount That Diamond

Whether updating to a trendy style or enhancing a solitaire into a three stone ring, deciding to have your diamond reset into a something new is a great way to increase your investment and hold on to a sentimental diamond while spicing things up. Many people fear... read more

Valentines and LOVE!!

Valentines is right around the corner & it is time to show your sweetheart how much you Love her. Hearts have been especially popular this year as well as beautiful Diamond Pieces. read more
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