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Gittelson Jewelers 38th anniversary in downtown Minnepolis.

Celebrating 38 Glittering Years of Gittelson Jewelers in Downtown Minneapolis

As we have been approaching this August 7th, we’re excited to celebrate a significant milestone. Gittelson Jewelers, our family-owned fine jewelry store, is marking its 38th anniversary. Since 1985, Gittelson Jewelers has been a dazzling presence in downtown Minneapolis in the Skyway system, offering an exquisite selection of custom jewelry, engagement rings, Bulova watches, and other fine jewelry selections.

A Legacy of Excellence

For nearly four decades, Gittelson Jewelers has been synonymous with quality, elegance, and personalized service. Our store’s longevity is a testament to its commitment to providing customers with exceptional jewelry pieces and an unforgettable shopping experience.

Gittelson Jewelers has seen and experienced a lot in its 38 years in business as a local jewelry store. While the world (and the jewelry business!) has seen change, there are still many things that have remained the same. As a family-run business, there were always ideals that were important to us in the operation of our business, yet in turn, small businesses have come up against challenges that no one could have predicted back when we opened our doors on August 7th, 1985.

34th Anniversary For This Minneapolis Jeweler
Gittelson Jewelers circa 1980’s

Early successes

Early in the game Gittelson Jeweler’s Founder, Gene Gittelson, got the word out through the paper and attended events to meet potential customers. One night at a bar downtown, he met a legendary Twin – Kirby Puckett. After the 1987 World Series, he asked Puckett to help him with a promotion. Customers who spent $100 got a signed ball.

“Kirby Puckett was one of my best customers and one of my very best friends,”

Gene Gittelson

In 2015, WCCO CBS News interviewed Gene and Michael Gittelson as a “Minnesotan To Meet: Gittelson Jewelers’ Father-Son Team“, noting that in the early years since then, more famous faces have been hung up on the wall. While Gene’s son, Michael Gittelson was trying to make it as an actor, he sold jewelry to the rich and famous while living in Beverly Hills.

Gittelson Jewelers Day in Minneapolis

On August 7th, 2015 a very special recognition happened. Resolution number 2015R-342 was signed into existence and the city of Minneapolis declares “Gittelson Jewelers Day“.  we were so honored to be given our very own DAY according to Minneapolis City Council. On the exact 30th year anniversary of the business’s opening, Minneapolis City Council proclaimed August 7th, 2015 ‘Gittelson Jewelers Day’. This great honor was bestowed upon us by Minneapolis City Council members in recognition of our thirtieth year in the business located in the Skyway of downtown Minneapolis.

Gittelson Jewelers Day in Minneapolis. August 7th, 2015

The Gittelson Jewelers Experience

Gittelson Jewelers is located at the Six Quebec Building in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. This is a new location for us as the Northstar building has undergone a lot of changes. We are, however, just further down the Minneapolis Skyway across from Wells Fargo at 601 S Marquette Ave, Ste 218. You can also get to Gittelson Jewelers by entering the Six Quebec building on street level on Marquette Avenue and taking the elevator up to the 2nd Skyway floor. As the elevator doors open, you will see our store.

Gittelson Jewelers in the Six Quebec Building downtown Minneapolis

The location

We offer a welcoming and luxurious environment for customers to explore our collection of jewelry pieces, including custom-designed pieces, engagement rings, and Bulova watches. Our family’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service is reflected in our positive reviews. Overall, Gittelson Jewelers offers a personalized and luxurious shopping experience for our customers. When we moved, we pulled our original cases from 1985 and built them into the new store with our original (let’s call it vintage) neon sign above the wall case. We did this to keep a reminder of our legacy generational customers while maintaining a piece of our history and roots in our refreshed space. We think it’s fun and our customers do too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Gittelson Jewelers

In the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Gittelson Jewelers has been a beacon of luxury and elegance for 38 years. As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we invite you to discover the exceptional offerings and personalized service that make Gittelson Jewelers a cherished institution in our community.

With our unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer service, Gittelson Jewelers is poised to continue its legacy of excellence for many more years to come. We are one of the very few jewelry shops left standing in downtown Minneapolis and we’re proud to still be here.

Join us in celebrating this milestone and experience the Gittelson Jewelers difference for yourself. Here’s to another 38 years of glittering success!

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