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City of Minneapolis declares "Gittelson Jewelers Day"

City of Minneapolis Proclaims “Gittelson Jewelers Day”

Gittelson Jewelers Day

The city of Minneapolis declares “Gittelson Jewelers Day” on August 7th, 2015 – Resolution number 2015R-342Many of our newer customers come in and ask us, have you always been in this location? The answer is yes, Gittelson Jewelers has been located in the skyway since day one and we have only our single location to help our customers with their diamond, jewelry and watch needs. We may be small (at only 296 square feet) but what we lack in square feet we make up in personality, quality, and world-class service.

We especially shine in our experiences with our newlywed couples taking care of everything having to do with their engagement rings and wedding bands. We find that our personal relationships built with our customers last years, or even decades.

Gene Gittelson receiving the proclamation of "Gittelson Jewelers Day"
Gene Gittelson, Mike Gittelson, Molly Braun - Gittelson Jewelers
Left to right: Son Michael Gittelson, Founder Gene Gittelson, Molly Braun

As we have mentioned before, we are truly lucky to be an integral part of small business in downtown Minneapolis. We love this city, it’s residents and everything it has to offer. This is why we were so honored to be given our very own DAY according to Minneapolis City Council. On the exact 30th year anniversary of the business’ opening, Minneapolis City Council proclaimed August 7th, 2015 ‘Gittelson Jewelers Day’. This great honor was bestowed upon us by Minneapolis City Council members in recognition of our thirtieth year in the business located in the skyway of downtown Minneapolis.

CBS Local | WCCO also did an interview with Gene Gittelson and referred to Gittelson Jewelers as “a little space with BIG sparkle”.

Gittelson Jewelers Day in Minneapolis. August 7th, 2015
The city of Minneapolis declares “Gittelson Jewelers Day” on August 7th, 2015 – Resolution number 2015R-342.
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