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Gittelson Jewelers Health & Safety Preparedness Plan

COVID-19 Health & Safety Preparedness Plan

Gittelson Jewelers is back at work during normal operating hours at our skyway retail location in downtown Minneapolis beginning on Tuesday, May 26th. We have designed a COVID-19 health and safety preparedness plan for you (our customers) and for us to do our part for protecting the spread of this highly infectious virus while we safely conduct business.

Please read through our action plan and rest assured, your health and safety are our first priority when entering our store. This year of Coronovirus marks our 35th anniversary in downtown Minneapolis as your premier, family-owned and operated fine jewelry and engagement ring shop. We plan to be here for many more years.

Health & Safety Guidelines

Remote work functions

Not all work functions require to be in the store. Our store is small and if we can work from home for administrative items, we will do so, further lessening the exposure to our customers and ourselves.

Sick workers stay home

All employees of Gittelson Jewelers are expected to stay home at any sign of illness or symptoms to avoid spreading illness to others. If it appears that an employee is ill at work, they will be sent home immediately.

Social distancing

  • Six feet of distance is to be kept between employees.
  • When possible, packages and deliveries will be contactless.
  • Customers are encouraged to pay with touchless forms of payment, or over the phone.
  • Customers are encouraged to communicate over email and over the phone rather than in person if they can do so.
  • Zoom or Facetime consultations are absolutely available, specifically for engagement ring shopping or custom design orders.
  • Jewelry or watch items that are to be inspected will be passed back and forth on a tray rather than handed directly from customer to employee.
  • The store is to be limited to 50% of capacity per the fire marshal.
  • When possible, the door will be locked to better control the flow of customers in and out of the store.

Worker hygiene/infection control

  • Employees must wash hands after coming into contact with a customer or customer’s piece of jewelry/watch.
  • Door handles will be wiped and sanitized at minimum, once per hour, if not after a customer has left the store.
  • Countertops and surfaces where customers have touched will be wiped down and sanitized after a customer has left the store.
  • A deep clean of the entire store will happen once per month.
  • Any piece of jewelry handled by a customer or staff will be cleaned before returning to displays.
  • Masks are encouraged.
  • Store equipment will be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation protocols

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available for use on countertops and in customer view.
  • Masks will be readily available for use.
  • Sanitizer on hand for regular cleaning of surfaces.
  • Gloves on hands to better limit exposure.

Schedule Your Appointment

We urge to you schedule your appointment with us to avoid waiting and to have our space be limited to your self. Gittelson Jewelers offers hourly scheduling as well as virtual/video conference appointments. We even hand-deliver to your doorstep if you live in the immediate Twin Cities geography.

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