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Jewelry Female shopping habits

Debunking the Myths of Female Shopping Habits

The Shopping Habits of The Female Self-Purchaser

More than an accessory, jewelry tells a story and reflects the personality within. Whether it’s a simple wedding band or a coordinated ensemble, owning jewelry is empowering and fills the wearer with confidence. But it’s not the value of jewelry that we’re touching base on here — We are focused on the typical wearer: the female self-purchaser.

Long gone are the days of women relying on others to gift them their jewelry collections. Of course, anyone would LOVE a gift of jewelry from their special someone, as it is always the perfect gift. You can not go wrong… However, the woman of today is buying jewelry for herself simply for the love of herself and her style. Why? Because she can.

According to Nielsen and Southern Jewelry News, women are expected to possess 75% of all discretionary spending by 2028. This will make them the world’s greatest influencers! Lyst, a major fashion retail platform, has also reported that 78% of the purchases made in jewelry are by women.

Jewelry Female shopping habits

So who is this female self-purchaser? Why is shy buying? Who influences her? Is she really buying jewelry? Let’s dive into female shopping habits a little bit and see where you stand!

Who is the female self-purchaser?

Are you a self-purchaser? Southern Jewelry News reports that data is showing “most jewelry-purchasing women are 35-55, with stable careers and willing to spend it on treating themselves.” Do you fall into this category? While the millennial and Generation X populations are obviously the most established in the workforce and spending the most, there are plenty of rising young millennials and Generation Z that love to define their own personal style and fine jewelry tastes.

Platinum Guild International states that Generation Z is the most likely to make a self-purchase, many of which are claiming to have purchased at least one piece of jewelry. With the younger generation coming into the workforce, their ability to have disposable income increases and the trend is showing they love to spend on themselves. Do you?

Gen X female shopping habits

Peer influences

The younger generations have grown up in the digital age where they are connected to the entire world. With the help of modern social media — primarily TikTok and Instagram — younger jewelry seekers have begun to influence each other, as opposed to celebrity endorsements that attracted the older generations. From beauty to fashion to technology and beyond, anyone can be an influencer simply by sharing your style and showcasing your bling. Today’s self-purchaser is encouraged by their peers and feels confident about it.

Purpose in purchases

Who is she? She’s young. She’s influential. She’s financially capable, but… she doesn’t just buy anything. She wants to make sure her purchases aren’t just an investment but are also something that defines them (defines you!). The topics of recycled metals and how diamonds and gemstones are sourced are growing topics that younger generations are very concerned about. They may even pay more for pieces that are thought to be sustainable.

Most of all, today’s female shopping habits definitely comprise thought, planning, a little bit of influence, and absolute style-focused usability.

Rose gold engagement ring with pear-shaped diamond.

Just for her

She also isn’t another number. YOU are not a number… YOU want a product and experience that is personalized for you. From interacting with brands to the pieces worn, the jewelry industry is seeing a strong shift to customization and personalization. Today’s self-purchasing woman wants her style and the things she does for herself to represent HER.

Debunking the Myths of Female Shopping Habits

Myth #1 It’s awkward for women to buy jewelry for themselves

Negative ghost rider, that pattern is full. There is nothing more empowering than purchasing something for yourself. Any stigma that has been associated with women buying jewelry for themselves is gone for good. The De Beers Diamond Insight Report tells us that women now buy more than a third of all diamond jewelry sold in the United States, often looking to treat themselves with pieces that have an average price point of $1,300.

Myth #2 Women don’t buy their own jewelry

Again, not true. As previously mentioned, women have the ability and inclination to make purchases for themselves — clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. And they don’t need a reason. As women’s buying power increases, they will invest in the jewelry they want, when they want it. Rember that statistic above guys? Women are expected to possess 75% of all discretionary spending by 2028. Your element of surprise is diminishing daily.

Myth #3 Jewelry women buy for themselves isn’t as meaningful as jewelry gifted to them

The right gift can be very powerful, especially if it comes from the heart. No one can contest this simple act. But that absolutely does not mean something bought for oneself is not equally as meaningful. A self-purchase is simply a gift she buys for herself. In the world we live in, self-care is becoming increasingly important. That also includes doing little things for yourself, such as buying the perfect piece of jewelry.

The last word… is the female’s

Today’s self-purchasing woman is ready to buy. Her shopping habits reflect a personalized experience and products and brands that speak to her inner Goddess. So if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing your own unique pieces or even offering to shop for your engagement ring with your significant other – stop worrying and let your preferences be known!

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