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Engagement Ring Shapes define your personality

Engagement rings: What your diamond shape says about you

Diamond Shape = Personal Style?

Proposals are a turning point in any young woman’s life. For some women, they have every last detail of their ‘Pinterest wedding‘ thought out and planned down to a science. But when the time comes for a woman to decide what diamond shape to choose, she may feel confused or unsure about her options.

You’re probably planning on wearing your engagement ring for the rest of your life. So, that means that you also probably want it to reflect a personal style that screams who you are. All diamonds are beautiful, and different shapes of diamond or gemstone engagement rings give off different vibes that can play up a woman’s personal style. It could be modern, it could be classic or maybe its custom and totally unique. If the shape doesn’t speak to your soul, then inevitably your diamond will clash with all that you strive to be. So what diamond shape is right for you?

Engagement Ring Trends

Let’s start by classifying diamond shapes into two categories based on today’s engagement ring trends: Vintage and Modern. Diamond shapes come in roughly 12 different varieties, but can be classified under these two categories as a way of separating the pack.

Round, Cushion, Oval, Pear, and Marquise cut diamond shapes are (almost) always associated with a vintage aesthetic. Vintage rings are characterized by a plethora of fine detail and the fancy faceting associated with popular styles of ‘the vintage” year’s past. If you have an eye for detail and an artistic personality you will be best suited for these diamond shapes as they blend perfectly with vintage-inspired diamond settings. It is important to you that your ring is unique, while also being on-trend. You love the nostalgia that the vintage-inspired rings offer and dislike anything too streamlined or simplistic. Women best suited to vintage shapes are often have colorful wardrobes and like to experiment with new styles. Vintage girls are no stranger to using rose and yellow gold in their engagement rings.

On the other hand, Modern style diamond shapes include Emerald, Asscher, Princess and Trillion diamond shapes. Modern-esque girls love straight lines, simplicity and 90 degree angles. Fine details like mil-grain, etching and engraving feel overbearing and distracting. Simplicity is king with Modern girls and they love channel set diamonds and solitaire rings with squared-off edges. Anything round feels outdated to the modern-styled woman and completely clashes with their minimalist aesthetic. Wardrobes of modern girls often include two-tone ensembles and neutral-colored accessories. White gold or platinum is the preference of the modern-esque women. And if she carries a Loui Vioutton, its patent leather with one classic logo.

It is entirely possible to take either of these diamond shapes and work it into either of these design styles. However, these diamond shapes almost always stay within their classification group as blending styles can sometimes feel confusing and disjointed. Whatever your style, there is a diamond shape to suit it perfectly.

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