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June Birthstone Guide: Pearls, Moonstone, Alexandrite

Were you born in June? Lucky you! You get to celebrate with not one, not two… but three June Birthstones to pick from. So if you’re really into birthstones and love to wear them with your daily wardrobe, then you’ve got fashion-forward options in one of the best months of the year! Your June birthstone options are the Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone.

June Birthstone: Pearl

Here at Gittelson Jewelers, we have a special love for pearls. Many classy women throughout history have adorned a beautiful set of pearls including Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, and Coco Chanel. You can read more about them at our other June Birthstone blog post “The Birthstone of June is Pearls

Naturally occurring pearls are difficult to retrieve from the depths of the sea.

When thinking about traditional, timeless pieces to add to your collection – pearls are the most time-honored and traditional of the three June birthstones. They offer a feminine and romantic feel and can elevate any outfit they are paired with. June is one of the most popular times of the year to have a wedding, if not the most popular month for nuptials. Pearls are said to bring marital bliss and have been used for hundreds of years to accent wedding gowns, bridal wear, and wedding day makeup and hair.

June Birthstones - Pearls
Gorgeous Pearl Necklace for bridal or glamour

Pearl cultivating

Pearls are unlike other gems in that they do not require any real mining, cutting, or polishing. They are created inside a living organism and not formed in sediment. Natural pearls are found inside mollusks like oysters and clams. Most people think that pearls are formed by a grain of sand, but that is mostly a misconception. In lore, their mythological past is vast, with claims that they are made from the tears of mermaids and angels. It is even said that pearls are bits of the moon that have fallen into the sea. 

In reality, it is usually a parasite that gets lodged inside the mollusk. As a defense mechanism, their bodies emit fluids that coat the irritant with layers and layers of coating called nacre. Eventually, these milky layers of nacre accumulate to create what is known to us as a pearl. Did you know that?

Cultured Pearls

Naturally occurring pearls are rather difficult to retrieve from the depths of the sea. In recent years, pearl farmers have come up with a way to recreate the natural process of pearl cultivation. By seeding mollusks in a controlled environment with similar irritants, pearl farmers can simulate the natural growth process of a pearl. These are called ‘cultured pearls’ and they come in all sorts of dewy hues from cream and white to rose, lilac, and even gray and black. 

Cultured Pearls for the June Birthstone
Cultured Pearls

Pearl Care

Pearls are delicate and vulnerable to the elements. You’ll want to handle your pearls with extra special care. It is always recommended that you put pearls on last when getting ready, and take them off first when undressing so as not to harm them. Since they are naturally occurring, they are vulnerable to some of the same things that we are such as perfumes, skin, and hair products. Be gentle when cleaning them and after each use, wipe them with a soft, damp cloth. Let them dry entirely before storing them in a cool, dry place. This June birthstone is really very special…

Pro Tip: Hot water, steam cleaning, and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners should all be avoided. 

Alexandrite Birthstone

Known as the second birthstone in the trilogy, alexandrite is the most expensive of the color-changing stones. Depending on the time of day or type of light it is exposed to – alexandrite can change from green to purplish-red. Alexandrite was appropriately named after Alexander II of Russia, who happened to have a birthday on the same day the gemstone was first unearthed. 

Alexandrite - June Birthstones
This is a rough, pre-polished Alexandrite mineral gemstone.

Alexandrite legend

Alexandrite is believed to bring good luck to the wearer, due to its rarity and color-changing capability. Previously believed to only be available in Russia, in the mid-20th Century deposits were found in Brazil. As the newest addition to the June Birthstone list, this gemstone does not have a long history of symbolism. However, its reputation as an “emerald by night, ruby by day” due to its color-changing composition does make it an excellent gift for a creative person.


The Moonstone is so-called for its smoky moon-like appearance in the light. Believed to represent feminine energy, the Moonstone has long been associated with the inner ethereal, or spiritual, world. In Ancient Rome it was believed that the stone was made from crystallized moonlight (hence its name). In the United States, Pearls are the most sought-after of the June trifecta of birthstones, but in Switzerland and Germany, the Moonstone has a value high above Pearl or Alexandrite. In other areas of the world, Moonstone is not popular at all.

It is chosen by wearers for its symbolism of strength and balance, as well as its historic significance with royalty.

Moonstone - June Birthstones
Polished Moonstones

Birthstones at Gittelson Jewelers

Whatever suits your fancy, we may have it at Gittelson Jewelers. One of our hallmarks as a local, family-owned jeweler is that we don’t actually always have things in the display case for you to see. We’re an intimate jeweler that has been helping our customers source, select and custom-design jewelry for many years.

Would you like a moonstone ring? Perhaps a necklace with Alexandrite gemstones. Or maybe a string of beautiful Pearls to step up the class on the next dinner date or to compliment your wedding makeup & hair. Whatever the occasion, contact Gittleson Jewelers to find just the right piece. Schedule an appointment to visit, call us, or chat with us online.

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