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Reasons not to buy diamonds online

You are Missing Out When You Buy Diamonds Online

Never buy diamonds online

Have you ever considered buying a home without walking through it and having an inspector put their stamp of approval (or disapproval) on it? Probably not, and the same case holds true for your diamond purchases. When it comes to gemstones, certifications and making life memories, our best advice is to never purchase something “sight unseen”.

Many buyers of diamonds happy to be first time buyers that are making a big life decision, like getting engaged. Many men looking to score the biggest rock for their sweetheart also may not realize that it’s not solely about the size and that there are actually several factors that impact a diamond to woo their future fiancé. What’s the best piece of advice we can give you? You should never buy a diamond online.  When you browse and eventually purchase a diamond ring in person you have the ability to see it, touch it and more importantly, examine and compare them to each other. No diamond dealer in the world (meaning us – jewelers) buy diamonds sight unseen. If we wouldn’t consider buying a diamond to add to our inventory without seeing it beforehand, why would the average customer who has little to no prior knowledge of diamonds do just that?

What’s the best piece of advice we can give you? You should not even consider buying a diamond online.  A physical experience at a store lets you see and touch the merchandise, and more importantly, examine and compare them to each other. No diamond dealer in the world buys diamonds sight unseen. If this isn’t reason enough, it’s also about what you’re missing out on when you buy a diamond online versus at your local store with a professional that you trust.


Three things you’re missing out on when you buy a diamond online

buy diamonds online

An emotional connection to your diamond

You simply can’t manufacture a feeling on the Internet. Selling a loose diamond is not just about clarity, symmetry, quality and the technicalities of the 4 C’s, it’s also about the feelings that this diamond will elicit when it is purchased and when it is given to the person receiving it. We always say, with certifications and grading aside, does the diamond excite you? Does it wink and beckon? Selecting a diamond online robs individuals of this emotional experience. A diamond is a work of nature and no two diamonds are exactly alike, even if they are identically graded. You can’t truly experience the sparkle, shine and its brilliant depth from a picture or certification online. A person’s experience of buying a diamond should be as exciting as the experience of giving it to the recipient.

Building a special jeweler-client relationship 

Yes, you heard right. In a world where anonymity and faceless customer representatives are the norms, we believe that building a friendship and repertoire with our clients is the number one priority. But why should you care, you can just get your bling and get on with your life right? Wrong. You should care because it is the difference between making an educated decision or a guess when buying a diamond. It’s the difference between someone celebrating your engagement with you instead of sending you spam emails about what’s on sale. It’s the difference of feeling like a valued client over a number in a queue. No doubt, we will make you the most beautiful piece of diamond jewelry you have ever seen AND support you every step of the way during your engagement or other special life events. And what about wedding bands? Eventually, you and your fiancé will want to experience that process together, in a place you trust who knows and appreciates you. Wouldn’t that be a much more pleasant experience in a physical location with real people who know you and what’s important to you?

A place you can trust to repair or clean your treasured diamond

Believe it or not, you will need maintenance after an initial diamond purchase. Whether your spouse whacks it on a counter-top or needs the annual cleaning and checking performed on a piece of diamond jewelry, you will want a place that is convenient and a place you can trust to leave your precious item to undergo the service it will eventually need. Unless you buy diamonds to keep in a locked safe, all jewelry needs maintenance and upkeep from time-to-time. If you had the peace of mind to leave it to the professionals who know you, your family and your jewelry, that would make the experience much easier, wouldn’t you say? Turnaround time is usually 1-week maximum, even for the most complicated of repairs.


Reasons not to buy diamonds online

Our recommendation for buying diamonds

  1. It’s simple – Work with a jeweler you trust. And whether you come to Gittelson Jewelers, or visit our competitors, at least you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll be assisted by someone who has dedicated serious time and investment to helping people like yourself make these complex choices in life. Rely on them to guide you and work within your budget.
  2. Shoot for the stars. We will do everything possible to make a special item, like an engagement ring to a person’s exact specifications and within a reasonable budget. It’s a special time and we treat the moment with a lot of respect.
  3. Consider the future. Think about your 50+ years of marriage ahead of you, not just the moment you propose. A diamond is a lifelong investment and considering what happens after she says yes is just as much a part of the process as choosing the perfect diamond.

In the end…

When you are in the market for a diamond, it’s because you have a purpose and a dream with someone else. This should be an intimate process with a jeweler that takes your commitment, style, and budget very seriously. Most people have very specific requirements and are making a purchase they hope will last a lifetime and we truly treat the process as a decision that will resonate for a lifetime.

Most of all and the point of all this is to find a jeweler that you trust so you can avoid headaches and critical financial mistakes. If you’re getting married, then enjoy the complete experience of buying a loose diamond or complete engagement ring and don’t miss out.

Life is short. Buy the right diamond.

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