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  Invisible and Channel Set  

Lifetime Warranty

Every one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry purchased at Gittelson Jewelers is accompanied by a lifetime warranty, free of charge. We strongly believe in the quality and craftsmanship of our product however, if for any reason a small diamond or gemstone is ever lost from an item, it will be covered complimentary under the warranty. This warranty does not cover damage from excessive wear-and-tear. The warranty is voided if the item in question is ever maintenanced by a jeweler not approved by Gittelson Jewelers. We are happy to clean and maintenance your ring, earring, pendant or bracelet in question by our personal jeweler who we know and trust.


Accompanied by the Lifetime Warranty is a written appraisal entailing the details of the item purchased from Gittelson Jewelers. Appraisals are meant to be kept for personal record and are also used for insurance purposes when seeking an insurance policy to ensure the jewelry item, or center stone, is protected from loss, theft or severe damage.

  Invisible and Channel Set