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Gemstone seasonal colors

Seasonal Colors of Fall and Winter

Explore possibilities with vibrant gemstone pairings for the season’s styles

And just like that… Summer is gone. We’re now settling into the crisp fall air and the taunting chill of winter. With these seasonal changes, the fashion and jewelry worlds adapt and look to new styles to keep things fresh. Color trends that set in for the colder months are so much fun!

Gemstone seasonal colors

Predicting color trends

You may be familiar with the Pantone Color Institute™ – an organization that keeps its eyes peeled for color trends. Often times these color trends carry into the jewelry industry and consumer loves and preferences. The Pantone Color Institute gave this guidance for the fall and winter color trends for this year.

“Colors for [Fall 2022/Winter 2023] contrast our competing desires for calm and comfort with energy-boosting vitality through a range of restful and restorative colors, in tandem with exuberant tones,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “As we move forward into an environment filled with contradiction, hues for [this season] enable consumers to move fluidly between a range of contrasting shades, allowing them to spontaneously express who they are and how they feel on any given day.”

It seems that color trends are taking unexpected turns for this season. You might expect palettes of usual darker tones as we move to a cooler time of year. However, you’ll find that the Pantone Color Institute is right: people want options that express variety.

Shopping by color

With guidance from the Pantone Color Institute in mind, the team at (a leading resource in jewelry for retailers) researched colors that are popping up in popularity along with gemstones that are moving with consumers. Here is their forecast of trending colors and complementary gemstones you’ll want to consider for your fall/winter vibe and wardrobe.

Rose Violet seasonal colors

Rose Violet

Rose violet is a vivid and vibrant hue of purple. Gemstone picks for this color play on the deeper tone found within Amethyst, Purple Garnet, and Purple Spinel. Choose these gemstones that stand out in the crowd and inspire nobility, clarity, and wisdom.

Lava Falls seasonal color

Lava Falls

On the warmer side of the more regal colors are Lava Falls, which is a deep red hue. Like the passionate and captivating presence this color brings, bold stone choices — such as Ruby, Mozambique Garnet, and Rhodolite Garnet — are stunning representations of ferocity and confidence.

Samoan Sun seasonal colors

Samoan Sun

Samoan Sun is the purest symbol of cheerfulness, enlightenment, and illumination. This bright yellow color simply lights up a room and catches the eye. Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Moissanite, and Citrine will bring warmth and happiness on even the coldest winter day.

Orange tiger seasonal colors

Orange Tiger

A color filled with personality; the tone of Orange Tiger just shouts with whimsy. Orange Garnet, Orange Sapphire, and Imperial Topaz flash with energy and individualistic nature. Choose these warm gemstones to showcase the character and even a little audaciousness.

Amazon green seasonal trends


Like the rainforest that is its namesake, Amazon is a green that symbolizes vitality and energy. It should come as no surprise that Emerald, Tsavorite Garnet, and Green Tourmaline immediately come to mind when thinking of this luscious shade. Encourage your customer to view these gemstones during a fall sunset and see how they can flash with beauty.


Perhaps our favorite… Waterspout brings feelings of cleansing and purity that cools and refreshes. This bright and striking blue color immediately brings Blue Zircon, Aquamarine, and Turquoise front and center. Symbolizing rest, wealth, health, and protection, these gemstones are the perfect choices for a fresh start in this season’s fashion.

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