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The Everlasting Ethos of the Radiant Ruby

The Ruby Reimagined

Discover the many facets of the radiant Ruby — the gift, the talisman, and the treasure.

Relished through ancient treasury and entertainment alike, it is no surprise that Ruby has remained coveted in its entirety as one of the most significant stones in history. Perhaps most familiar to us now are classic symbols of Ruby in areas of pop culture, such as Dorothy’s Ruby-red slippers or one of Elizabeth Taylor’s many prized tokens of affection: her Ruby and diamond ring. 

More popularly, we might think (maybe even enviously) of those born in July claiming the Ruby birthstone. The deep, luscious red allures all and for great reason. A symbol of wisdom, passion, romance, strength, and life, this colored stone has kept a high reputation as far back as we have a record. 

Rubies have also been sought for generations as an anniversary gift. Its radiance is meant to inspire those who have reached their 15th and 40th year in marriage. The ruby symbolizes celebrating a prosperous and passionate love.

Radiant Ruby

An everlasting ethos

According to Ruby lore, they have accrued great responsibility as having been considered one of the most significant gemstones in world history. Between its mesmerizing appeal and its legendary symbolization, the ruby gemstone has also been linked to recorded tales of protective properties.

Ages of people have desired rubies under the premise of promising wealth, success, and health to its holder. Rubies inarguably built an empire as a talismanic treasure. Used in battle, the gemstone also signified defense to warriors (and with hardness considered just below that of diamonds, durability might have been a factor). 

The value of Ruby: color

The color itself can be controversial in determining the true quality of a ruby gemstone. Made of corundum, the ruby closely crosses into the Sapphire territory. Additionally, other high-chromium gems have been known to be mistaken for Ruby on the presence of red alone, such as Spinel.

In terms of classifying Rubies, the process is highly dependent on the dominant hue, which is preferred as a fluorescent red. A finer Ruby is known to resemble a “pigeon’s blood” shade with high chromium content and soft features.  

Classifying ruby colors

What is corundum?

Both Ruby and Sapphire are made of corundum, a mineral species that, despite being colorless at source, can allow for many color opportunities dependent on trace materials. For Ruby, color and hue are intrinsic to the value of the prized gemstone.  

The element of surprise? Chromium. 

Commanding in its intensity, Ruby depends on chromium content to provide its range in color with bright, saturated red being the preferred hue for significant value. 

Shapes and sizes of rubies

Aside from the color factor we just discussed, it is no surprise to many that Ruby relies heavily on weight as the highest per-carat, corundum gemstone. In fact, this is so much so, that gem cutters have found innovative ways to conserve weight where possible without sacrificing differences in color return. To preserve this technique, popular shapes have typically been oval and cushion – these also showcase a ruby’s structure.

Typically, fine-quality Rubies of more than one carat have rarely been found. However, as we continue to see a steady rise in unique and custom design, stones have now reached new heights with nearly endless possibilities in size, shape, and shade.

Calibrated rubies

Depending on your jeweler and where they source their stones from, you can find various calibrated ruby gemstones featuring this calibrated sizing: round, oval, square, pear, marquise, emerald, straight and tapered banquette, heart, and trillion. Natural ruby is an amazing way to enhance any fine jewelry piece. In smaller sizes, it can offer the opportunity to customize something unique, whether it be a romantic gift or birthstone jewelry with added flair.

Polished ruby gemstone

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Classic, fascinating, and royal, the importance of Ruby has yet to shift in popularity, keeping it ranked as one of the most ideal symbols of love, passion, and strength.  Finding the perfect Ruby should be easy, transparent, and uniquely fit your needs. Gittelson Jewelers can help you source the perfect gemstone and even help you build a custom-designed ring to showcase it on.

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