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Mother's ring

The Meaning Behind The Mother’s Ring

The Meaning Behind The Mother’s Ring

A mother’s ring is a piece of jewelry, often symbolic or emblematic, that constitutes a mother’s or a grandmother’s family. Often times the ring is accented (or even filled up) with one birthstone or many birthstones depending on how dynamic the family is. The birthstones represent the children or grandchildren below the family tree of the woman who is wearing the mother’s ring. Some people take this idea a bit further and place extra birthstones on the ring to represent other members of the family too.

The stones on the ring can either be artificially simulated stones or authentic birthstones. These are meant to represent the birth month of each family member on the ring. Some rings are also personalized with names inscribed on the ring, while some rings do include both the names and the birthstones on the ring. You can learn more about birthstone jewelry here.

Why wear a mother’s ring?

Many women wear a mother’s ring as a way to display pride in their family. It’s seen and understood and they don’t have to say a word to display this family pride. It also serves as a wonderful conversation piece into the history of her family. Since a mother’s ring is often colorful and beautiful, it also proves to provide a high-end and polished look to many outfits. The birthstones which should always be genuine will sparkle under any light, for years to come. Mother’s rings are a classic piece of jewelry. Your mother will likely cherish this fine jewelry for years to come, much like she would an engagement ring or wedding band.

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How to wear a mother’s ring

How to wear a mother’s ring is really up to the person adorning it. Traditionally, the mother’s ring is worn on the right-hand ring finger. Mother’s rings are not usually stacked with other rings or jewelry. However, it is known that some women will stack their mother’s rings along with their wedding and engagement rings. If the mother’s ring is a part of your daily life like your engagement ring, then make it your own and stack ’em high. Other women who only wear the ring occasionally will slip it on that right-hand ring finger, along with other pieces of finer jewelry. If you are the mother, then you decide how your fine jewelry and fashion define your style.

History of the mother’s ring

There are many theories about the reason why mother’s rings began to grow popular across the world. Although there doesn’t seem to be an official story, there are a couple of common ones out there on the internet to read.


On Mother’s Day around 90 years ago, a woman named Anna Jarvis developed an idea she called the Mother’s Day. Selfishly, she was recognizing her own late mother with a distinctive day just for her. Anna spent a lot of time pleading with her church leaders about the significance of being of mother on a special day in May. After founding the Mother’s Day International Association, Woodrow Wilson officially declared that the second Sunday in May was going to be the official Mother’s day and was going to be celebrated nationally.

It’s also believed that mother’s rings were invented by a jeweler who had figured out a way to utilize small screws with stones arranged in the screws. He did this to place birthstones on top of these screws. This design was so that one could place multiple stones from their children’s birth month as a reminder of her family. This new design became recognized as a memorial ring.

Either way, the Mother’s rings would sell very well during Mother’s Day time of year, as they would be a common gift to mothers and grandmothers around the world.

Stick to family jewelers

In our opinion… A mother’s ring is a piece of jewelry that takes a good amount of time an skill to craft, as the piece represents personalized aspects of a mother’s life, like children’s birth months, dates and names. We custom make most mother’s rings to order so we can tailor make them to finger size and gold metal color. Rings are available in 14kt white, yellow & rose gold as well as platinum and silver, for a cost friendly option. Many stores do not take this time to handcraft the mother’s rings or custom design jewelry. At Gittelson Jewelers, every piece of jewelry is handled and considered with care for the woman who will ultimately wear it.

If you’re looking for something that is emblematic, that will endure a lifetime and make the wearer of the ring proud, then visit your local family jeweler to choose or design a meaningful piece of fine jewelry that will remain in your family or generations to come.


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