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Citrine - November Birthstone

The November Birthstones Are Topaz & Citrine

November Birthstones

November babies are lucky dogs… Those born during the 11th month of the year certainly hit the jackpot when it comes to striking jewels. Topaz and citrine, both November birthstones, can be found in abundance in most gem-stocking regions all over the world. 

If you are looking to stay in the range of affordable when it comes to gemstone jewelry then Topz and Citrine are for you. These exquisite stones give the impression of royalty but surprisingly, they are amongst the more affordable birthstones sold today.

Citrine November birthstone earrings and ring
Gorgeous citrine earrings and gemstone ring.

Even Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, frequently adorns her ears with sparkling pavé drop earrings made of white topaz and cushion-cut drop earrings made of citrine. These selections have, of course, captured the attention of fans and paparazzi and have been known to grace the front pages of the most luxurious magazines across the globe. 

Why Does November Have Two Birthstones?

Gemstones have been imbued with spiritual meaning for eons, dating back to the breastplate of Aaron that contained 12 gemstones representing the signs of the zodiac and the tribes of Israel.For a while, it was common practice to wear one stone each month throughout the year. The modern birthstone list was established by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912, with a few updates over the years.

Modern birthstones are, of course, based on what is easiest to sell in large quantities. This is why November has two birthstones. Topaz was the original birthstone, but citrine was later added as a more affordable option.

November: Citrine

This bright, effervescent gemstone gets its name from the French word for lemon and has been regarded as a symbol for happiness, health and vitality for centuries. High quality citrines will have good transparency and no eye-visible inclusions. They range in color from earthy deep browns and reddish-oranges to glowing yellow-orange.

Citrine is a quartz gemstone found in golden shades ranging from pale yellow to deep brownish orange. As one of the more affordable gems, citrine makes for a good choice if you want an eye-catching ring or pendant with a larger gemstone. Citrine appears frequently in Edwardian and Art Deco engagement rings.

November: Topaz

Topaz is, in the plainest terms, a hard silicate metal. Its unique color is the result of impurities or flaws in the crystal structure that cause it to transform into a green, red, violet, pink, yellow, gold, brown, blue or clear shade. The most commonly seen Topaz is blue, which is actually a clear topaz stone that has been heated to change its hue. The most valuable and expensive shades of topaz are deep orange with pink undertones called Imperial topaz, named after the Russian czars of the 19th century, and yellowish brown hue called sherry topaz.

The topaz birthstone symbolizes love and affection, and is said to bestow strength and intelligence on the person who wears it, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, and a gift of blue topaz is said to be a promise of love and fidelity.

14K White Swiss Blue Topaz & 1/5 CTW Diamond Ring

Topaz And Citrine Care And Cleaning Tips

Although topaz and citrine are both hard stones, their shape can often lead to chipping. When wearing topaz or citrine jewelry, try not to knock it against hard surfaces, and keep it stored away from other stones. Also, like all gemstone categories, don’t allow the jewelry to come into contact with harsh chemicals, including hand lotions and sanitizers.

To clean, soak the stone in a water solution and mild dish soap for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, gently remove any remaining dirt with a soft cloth and pat dry.

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