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Men's engagement rings - Baguette diamond solitaire

Top 5 Men’s Engagement Rings

Now, more than ever before, men are choosing to wear engagement rings. In fact, today, more men are experimenting with different kinds of jewelry and fashion-forward thinking. The modern man wishes to make more statements than ever before to express their unique style and personality. It’s also a fair observation to note that more women are proposing to men than ever before in history – breaking the social norms of marriage traditions.

Panache – flamboyant confidence of style or manner.

So, whether you are making the move to propose, or you’ve decided as a couple that you’d both like to wear engagement rings, you shouldn’t be scared to make an impression with a men’s engagement ring. At Gittelson Jewelers, we have a good selection to choose from as well as limitless options in custom orders and even designing your own ring.

At Gittelson Jewelers, we’re a small, family-owned business that focuses on sourcing top-quality, unique items that can be treasured for generations to come. If we do not have something specific that you are looking for, we’ll help you find it or build a CAD model of it based on your designs.

Top Styles For Men’s Engagement Rings

So today, the question often is “When do guys wear engagement rings?“. The answer is right now. Gone are the days of bland bands and yellow gold-only options. With mens’ interests being escalated to match their partner’s flash and pizazz, we see all kinds of men’s wedding bands and men’s engagement rings cross our counters.

Here are Gittelson Jewelers top 5.

Straight baguette solitaire ring

If you’re the type of guy that likes to wear a diamond… You know, that James Bond sort of statement that rivals your 3 piece suit, then this one might be for you. Try a polished, 14 Kt or 18 Kt wide band with a breath-taking baguette diamond splitting the middle. You can wear this in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, or silver metals.

Why should her ring be the only one that comes with a prestigious purchase decision?

Men's engagement rings - Baguette diamond solitaire

Diamond grooved wedding band

Along the lines of diamonds and gemstones, we see this one as a popular choice. It’s a bit more subtle but has a consistent gemstone facing around the ring. You can wear this in classic yellow gold or rose gold or you can decide to go white gold or platinum and add your favorite gemstone. Perhaps you have sentimental ties to your birthstone month or maybe your relationship is symbolized by the emerald or sapphire.

We’re happy to custom design the ring of your dreams.

Diamond grooved men's engagement ring

Celtic-inspired engagement ring

As modern trends would suggest, not only are more men wearing engagement rings but also exploring their heritage. Celtic, Scottish, and Irish heritage span the globe in every country. Today, more and more men wish to embrace their Celtic heritage by rocking some beautiful jewelry pieces and/or having a Celtic wedding. There is no better way to do that than to wear this symbol on your ring finger.

Sculptural inspired band with milgrain

Milgrain men’s engagement rings are also a highly sought-after band. The details in these works of art are really spectacular. You are sure to turn some heads when conveniently showing your ring finger while adjusting your luxury watch. Every man, at some point, loves to be dazzling and debonair.

Try a sculptural or design-engraved wedding band to bring the panache to the couple.

Sculptural-design men's wedding band

Tree bark patterned band

Subtle details often make the man. At Gittelson Jewelers, we help many men source unique wedding bands and men’s engagement rings that have intricate designs on them. An unexpected ring style you may not have thought of is the tree bark patterned ring. Every pattern is nearly guaranteed to be unique due to the size and shape of your ring size.

The design elements can be narrow or wide as well as vertical or diagonal. Hammered finishes (like those on a hammered copper pan) are also very popular and be custom designed to your specifications.

Tree bark patterned men's engagement rings

Men’s Engagement Rings at Gittelson Jewelers

Needless to say, at Gittelson Jewelers, we’re fitting more men every day for engagement rings. Some will move the ring from their right hand to the left hand on the wedding day. Some will wear their ring on their left hand and replace it with a new wedding band. Some men have opted to add a wedding band to their engagement ring – just like their bride. Whatever you’re thinking… we’re here to help present solutions, options and even help you custom design your own ring.

We’re happy to help you virtually via Zoom or over the phone. We ship nationally. You can also schedule an appointment to come see us in downtown Minneapolis. We’ll inspect and clean your other jewelry while we’re chatting about your needs.

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