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Top Bridal Trend Predictions For 2023

While engagement ring purchases and bridal trends tend to always follow the drawing of a new year, we find that they are not always predictable. Engagement season can begin earlier or later depending on many factors. This year, we find that it’s a bit later in its arrival due to economic factors such as inflation, the thought of a possible recession, and other influences that are affecting every couple that is considering getting engaged.

Be this as it may, couples will not stop falling in love or announcing their engagement intent. For this reason, engagement ring retailers and local jewelers work hard to find the trends that the modern bride is looking for, as well as offer a range of selections that can fit various couples’ engagement/wedding budgets.

Engagement Ring Trend Predictions

There are a lot of trends out there and there certainly is something for everyone. With the help of our suppliers, we’ve identified the top engagement ring aesthetics that will be big in 2023. Are you ready?

First Trend: Classic

Classics become classics for a very good reason — they are timeless and have lasting appeal. Classic styles were the most popular choice overall for engagement rings in 2022, and that will continue through this year. For enduring success or popularity, and strong in aesthetics and design, classic engagement rings are timeless beauties for the bride with a touch of class.

Classic bridal trends in engagement rings
Classic Bridal Tends in Engagement Rings. Image: Stuller.

Second Trend: Regency

Flowing and organic in nature, the allure of handmade craftsmanship is the hallmark of the Regency trend. For the romantic and fashionable bride who adores vintage styles with floral or sculptural elements, the Regency vibe is your best bet. Think Bridgerton — Lady Whistledown would definitely approve of all of these choices. Classy, Regel, Beautiful. Some may refer to this trend as ‘regencycore”

What is ‘Regencycore’?

Briderton inspired 2022’s top wedding dress trend. As you can imagine, the engagement ring trends followed. “Even if you’re a die-hard Bridgerton fan (or you prefer earlier Regency-inspired works like Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility), you might wonder: What is regencycore, really? This aesthetic is inspired by the United Kingdom’s regency era, which spanned loosely from 1795 to 1837. The term “regent” is derived from the then prince-regent, King George IV, who stepped in to rule when his father (King George III) was deemed unfit to rule. This time period is distinctly categorized by a mini-Renaissance of culture, especially for the upper class. In simple terms, it was a time of lavish parties, gossip newspaper columns, opulent achievements in art, literature, and design, and cultural refinement. In other words, the regency era reshaped the entire social structure of Britain.”

~ Source: The Knot

Regency trends in bridal engagement rings.
Regency Trends in Bridal Engagement Rings. Image: Stuller.

Third Tend: Archi-Deco

The Art Deco style, which is short for the French Arts Décoratifs, has been reimagined a century later into the Archi-Deco style. With its architectural influence and a luxurious, sculptural feel, the Archi-Deco style is rich in detail and drama. For the bride in love with the roaring twenties era, these styles are very 2023. Think less about Great Gatsby, and more about exquisite architectural elements. We love this trend!

Archi-Deco Bridal Trends in Engagement Rings.
Archi-Deco Bridal Trends in Engagement Rings. Image: Stuller.

Fourth Trend: Alt Aesthetic

The alt aesthetic is sharp but delicate, edgy, and expressive. For the bride who’s really a romantic goth at heart, these engagement rings exude power and confidence. Think Wednesday Addams, and basically any Tim Burton movie. The modern Gen Z bride-to-be LOVES this bridal trend prediction and will rock it with style.

Are you Alt Aesthetic?

Alt Aesthetic Bridal Trends at Gittelson Jewelers
Alt Aesthetic Bridal Trends. Image: Stuller.

Fifth Trend: Modern Sleek

The sophisticated bride interested in high fashion will appreciate our modern sleek styles that focus on lines with a frame-like structure. This trend features openwork and negative spacing, mechanical elements, and strong designs. Think “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Modern Sleek Engagement Ring Trends at Gittelson Jewelers
Modern Sleek Engagement Ring Trends. Image: Stuller.

Design Your Own Ring

The showstopping bridal trend predictions and engagement ring styles shown above can be owned in 14K rose, white, yellow gold, and platinum. In addition, you can find matching wedding bands for all those “matches made in heaven.” Design the engagement ring of your dreams with our custom bridal ring builder tool.

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