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Top Questions About Engagement Rings

When you start your journey to begin ring shopping, you’ll likely have many questions about engagement rings that you’d like to have answered. In fact, you may want second or third opinions. The process of shopping for an engagement ring (and wedding bands) has changed tremendously over the years. Certainly, it has changed almost entirely since the mid-1900s and earlier, but there have even been trend changes even in the past decade. Tradition is one of the items that is no longer strictly followed. That being said, the gentleman is likely not shopping alone anymore, but rather with his bride-to-be.

Engagement Ring Discovery

When you go engagement ring shopping, your jeweler will definitely have a few questions of their own before you start the process. Since modern generations are more price-conscious about their investments and tend to shop more as a team, The first question we’ll have for you is your budget range. If you made an appointment with Gittelson Jewelers and your partner is involved the in process, this will be the most crucial and productive part of our conversation together

All in all, the process of finding the perfect ring can be an overwhelming experience—both emotionally and financially. To date, this might be the largest purchase you’ve ever made, and you never want to feel taken advantage of or in the dark during the process of discovery. It is very important to do your research and find a reputable jeweler in your area. Some choose to purchase strictly online, and though that offers convenience, it strips the personal services and customization from the process of purchasing a family heirloom that you’ll hopefully have for a lifetime.

You may want to brush up on the 4 Cs before venturing out into the land of diamonds so you have a base knowledge and some questions in mind to start your conversation.

Pear Shaped Diamond

Top Questions About Engagement Rings From Gittelson Jewelers Couples

These are the questions that our customers ask us all the time. They are some of the most common questions when it comes to selecting an engagement ring.

How quickly can I get the ring?

Generally speaking, 2 to 4 weeks. It’s pretty rare to find a showroom that is full of “ready-to-wear” engagement rings. At Gittelson Jewelers, we’re a small, family-operated business that hand-selects ring styles to choose from. We then work with you to place the perfect center stones (or stones) that fit your style, budget, vision, and more.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. Gittelson Jewelers offers a lifetime warranty on side diamonds, diamonds and gemstones.

How can I figure out her finger size?

Well… there’s no magic trick here that we can offer. But we do have some great recommendations such as:

  • Talk to her family
  • Dial a friend
  • Hijack one of her rings…
  • Sneak it into a routine…

You can read our article that talks through our suggestions at “Top Ways To Find Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

How can I know her perfect style?

This question assumes that the man is traditionally making this journey on his own, without his sweetie shopping by his side. But its a question we get often. If you’re not sure what style of ring may be your partners dream engagement ring, there’s one simple trick that may just deliver all of your answers – Pinterest!

Many women love to catalog their needs and wants on Pinterest boards, specifically when it comes to getting married. If you’ve been talking about marriage for some time, then chances are she has some pins that speak to her style. Engagement ring boards on Pinterest are not the only category you’ll find that she is pre-organizing her wedding day with. You’re sure to find venue preferences, dresses, shoes, flowers, and event bridal hair and makeup styles.

Can you custom design my engagement ring?

Yes! Gittelson Jewelers offers full custom design for engagement rings and any ring you may want. We’ll help you get started with your designs and ideas by turning them into 3D computer-aided designs (CAD), wax printing on the most innovative 3D printers and finally creating your prototype in gold or platinum.

CAD Jewelry Design

Interested in custom jewelry design for your engagement ring vision?

What shape of diamond should I consider?

Every diamond shape has its own unique appeal. Gittelson Jewelers offers a wide range of diamond cuts and shapes, ensuring that every ring is as extraordinary as our couples’ love. We also custom design engagement rings with any diamond shape you desire. Like your other fine jewelry and even your wardrobe, the diamond shape you choose should reflect your unique style and personality.

Discover the diamond shape that reflects your personal style and relationship. Learn More About Diamond Shape >

Where do I start?

You need to define the high end and low end of your budget so you understand as a couple where your thresholds are. Then schedule an appointment to spend some time with a family jeweler that is interested in investing time into your family legacy and understanding your needs and price range.

You can schedule an appointment with Gittelson Jewelers below.

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