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Top Tips for Buying Graduation Jewelry Gifts

Celebrate your graduate’s big day with the gift of jewelry.

Your daughter or niece is graduating from high school, college or graduate school. This is the time when you want to give her a piece of fine jewelry that shows just how proud you are of all her accomplishments. But more importantly, you want it to be something she’ll cherish for years to come.

So how do you choose the perfect piece of graduation jewelry? What will they like? The first rule in choosing graduation jewelry that she’ll not only wear, but cherish, is to focus on something beautiful first. Finding something that is commemorative should be second, as you want this to be a milestone piece that fits their style for the rest of their lives. This big step in life is a symbolic time period of growth and accomplishment and is a perfect time to help her start her fine jewelry collection. Here are some of our most important things to consider when selecting a fine jewelry graduation gift:

Graduation Jewelry Tips

  1. His or Her Style. Knowing what style of jewelry your graduate likes is the key peice to gifting something on this monumental day. Is her personality subtle or does she love to shine bright? Does she fall into the trends or is she a classic trend-setter? Does she prefer silver or platinum over gold? Would a necklace or earrings go further than a ring? You have to ask yourself these questions.
  2. Personalize it. Personalization goes a long way and can turn a fine piece of jewelry into something intimate and forever special. Consider a birthstone (if her graduation happens to fall in that month), or gemstones in her school color. This may be a truly unique gift that is worn forever if she is graduating from college or finishing school. Engravings with her name, graduation date or other personal messages also carry heavy meaning for new graduates. You can even get creative – mathematicians might love the challenge posed by an infinity necklace. Make it count.
  3. Stay Versatile. The jewelry that get worn most often is the piece that fits into the wardrobe and style of the wearer. It mixes well with other pieces and isn’t so unique that it can only stand alone or with certain outfits. If your graduate has other pieces of jewelry she wears daily, like a locket or her favorite earrings; consider how your gift may look with those selections. If all else fails, just buy her diamonds. You can’t go wrong and they’ll enhance any personal style or fashion statement.
  4. The Engraving. Engraving are typically nice for life events, like graduation. It’s nice to personalize a fine jewelry gift with a commemorative message, however if you’d like her to enjoy a lifetime wearing your gift then you need to consider the message. She may not want to wear something in 2026 that broadcasts 2016 on it. Keep the message subtle and in a place where its close to her heart. She’ll know it’s there and treasure it forever.
  5. Purpose. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, but know that she’ll love a fine piece of jewelry, then focus on the utility of item. A good tactic for picking a graduation gift is to give a gift that is not only beautiful, but useful as well. A watch may be the perfect idea or maybe a classic bracelet.

Gittelson Jewelers can help you choose the graduation jewelry that is just right. And whatever you choose as the gift to commemorate your graduate’s big day – we’re sure that she’ll love it for a lifetime.

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    Great tips. Really very useful and helpful tips. I am looking to buy jewelry for my girl friend. Recently, she has completed her education. Thanks a lot for sharing the tips.
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