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Jewelry Repair

At Gittelson Jewelers, we have been re-setting diamonds, applying 1/2 shanks and polishing gold, silver, and platinum for over 30 years. Contact us today about your jewelry/watch repairs.

Fine Jewelry Repair

Fine Jewelry, such as engagement rings and family heirlooms are designed to last through generations. Gittelson Jewelers handles necessary servicing and repairs.

Watch Repair & Polishing

Restore your watch back to new. Remove scratches and damage that may have naturally happened to the bracelet or case of your watch through wear.

Cleaning, Inspection & Restoration

Bring in your jewelry for a FREE cleaning & inspection. We’ll let you know if gemstones are loose, prongs are bent, or if restoration is needed.

Watch & Repair Service

We know that when it comes to your jewelry repair and watch repair that it’s not just a lump of gold with a precious stone. Your jewelry is a part of you because it has a story behind it. At the very least, it contains sentimental value that runs deeper than its sale price. At Gittelson Jewelers, we have been re-setting diamonds, applying 1/2 shanks and polishing gold, silver and platinum for over 30 years. That’s how we know that repairing these items means so much more than simply adding sparkle and shine. There’s nothing quite like rekindling the wedding proposal, grandpa’s old watch gift, or that graduation present from your parents – all over again.

Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection

Need a Polish? We’ll clean your jewelry in-store and make it sparkle like brand new. Inspections should be done every now and then to ensure there are no loose stones or other unknown problems. This service is always complimentary to our clients.

Contact Us

You can choose our live chat option in the lower right-hand corner of our website or simply schedule an appointment to come in and visit with us.

Earned Trust

Regardless of whether you bought the piece here, somewhere else, or if it is a family heirloom passed down from generations – we do it all. For larger projects, we are happy to give estimates before performing any work. Rest assured your piece of jewelry or watch, in need of repair will receive all of the special attention that it deserves.

Our Customers

Their customer service is truly outstanding. I stopped in to have an inexpensive ring fixed and you’d think I was their best and longest customer. Everyone (Eugene, Michael, and Molly) introduced themselves to me and they’re all delightful. My ring was fixed faster than I expected and it looks beautiful! Highly recommended.

Gittelson Jewelers turned my 31-year old gold wedding ring into a stunning white gold ring. Replacing the crown and checking the diamonds. My wedding ring is beyond my expectations of perfection. My husband surprised me with an exquisite white gold sapphire and diamond band to accent my newly redone ring. We have known the Gittelson family for 25 plus years and find the quality of the jewelry at the highest standards.

“Husband bought my engagement/wedding ring here 20 years ago, we were back today looking at Anniversary Bands “which is being made as I type this” I can’t wait to see the finished piece 

They remembered us from 20 years ago!”

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