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What to wear to the Kentucky Derby

What to Wear on Kentucky Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is an annual opportunity for every female to express her inner Southern Belle, whether in Kentucky or not.  Take notice and get your wardrobe plans in gear, including your jewelry. Every southern belle should be perfectly adorned with gemstones to compliment her hat and dress.

This occasion is not just for the ladies though. The Kentucky Derby provides the perfect excuse for men to get just as dressed up and decked out as their female counterparts. The modern Derby man will be sun-drenched in bold stripes and tropical colors. Busy plaids and bright pastels also may steal the show. Those looking for a more sophisticated look may opt for classic navy or a blazer in seersucker.

What about the Jewelry?

The Kentucky Derby is chance to show you flair, your pizazz, your ShamWow! One of the unique characteristics of this event and it’s sister event, the Kentucky Oaks, is that they are sports-focused parties that showcase the finest in spring fashion. When it comes to Derby dressing, there are no hard and fast rules, but statement pieces such as the hats, dresses, and blazers tend to be the focus.

Since spring pieces are the attention grabbers with pastel-colored suits, bold separates, and headwear, we feel that the outfit simply is not complete without Derby Gems. You may already own brilliant diamond rings from Gittelson Jewelers, or diamond cut silver earrings and a necklace imported from Italy. But what about the emerald?

Emeralds, the May birthstone

Make no mistake, emeralds can be quite breathtaking. When purchasing the perfect emerald you may notice it’s attention-grabbing qualities from across a room. Emerald gemstones are also the May birthstone, so people who are born in the month of May can wear an emerald with special enthusiasm. And what a coincidence that the Kentucky Derby is in May! You can rock that emerald ring or necklace for your birth month, your favorite fashion event, or just because.

The emerald is said to embody a feminine spirit. It is full of motherly qualities and it is said that those born under the month of May usually have behavioral characteristics of loyalty and faithfulness, much like a Derby horse… There are metaphysical properties of improved memory and enhanced mental ability for wearers of the Emerald. Babies born in May are said to be very wise. You’ll also find emeralds on royal figures down through history, so why not accessorize your Kentucky Derby outfit with a little May emerald green?

Certainly, the man can wear emeralds to and sport an impressive rock on his right hand. Perhaps a fine watch with emerald accents? He could also simply suprise the southern belle in his life with a subtle, yet elegant emerald ring from Gittelson Jewelers.

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