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When To Shop For Engagement Rings

For those about to be engaged, a question that may be bouncing around in your head is “when is the best time to shop for engagement rings”? Historically, there have been good times to source the perfect wedding proposal gift, as with any jewelry. The holiday time period, also known as the engagement season, is always a good time to shop for engagement rings. This gives some ring buyers enough time to pop a Valentine’s Day proposal.

Start the process of looking for your engagement ring 2-3 months in advance.

Some may say right now is the best time. Get ahead of other spring and summer proposals by shopping soon after Valentine’s Day and in the early spring. You won’t feel pressured with holiday sales or large crowds. Jewelers and vendors will likely have more time to spend with you.

But in reality this is seasonal advice.

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When is the BEST time to shop for engagement rings?

The answer, quite simply is, when you are ready. The idea of getting the best price during holiday events or even Black Friday sales in the jewelry world is an antiquated notion. Sure, we all run sales from time to time but there are multiple factors today that affect the price and customer service in the retail jewelry world.

Online Shopping

There are so many options now to find beautiful engagement rings or fine jewelry online. Internet shopping has changed shopping behavior for many people, making it easier and more convenient to simply add items of interest to your cart and purchase on demand. It lacks the personal element, however, of building a relationship with a family jeweler that will steer you in the right direction based on needs and budget. Here at Gittelson Jewelers, we’ve built generational relationships with many of our customers, sourcing just the perfect pieces for children and grandchildren.

Custom Designed Jewelry

Today, our customers shopping for engagement rings are a bit savvier than decades ago. They’ve educated themselves on The 4 Cs of Diamonds, have a price-point in mind, and usually a vision for how they want their engagement ring to look. One of the reasons that a “season to buy” is irrelevant today is the demand for custom-designed pieces. These can take some time and though there are places online where you can submit designs, pick your stone, etc., there is nothing that can compare to talking through options with your local jeweler and making the perfect selections based on advice from someone who lives to help engaged couples find the perfect ring to symbolize their marriage for a lifetime.

CAD Jewelry Design

Competitive Pricing

The idea that pricing will be better one place versus the other, or at a specific time of year is an old adage. Yes… again we run sales during key holiday time periods like any other retailer, but in order to be competitive we offer great pricing and service all year round on our engagement rings and fine jewelry selection.

A family jeweler can work within your budget, maximizing cut, clarity, metal type, etc, and will probably have wiggle room to work with when purchasing multiple items or committing to wedding bands and other family heirloom pieces. You’re really missing a wonderful part of the family jeweler relationship by assuming you’ve found the best price and piece online and not asking questions in person right in your own town.

Don’t Rush Into a Buying Decision

Having identified a few of the typical buying scenarios above, one of the best pro tips we can give you is to not rush into a buying decision. You may feel pressure to buy a ring during a sale to save a couple of hundred dollars (at best). Don’t let marketing gimmicks drive your decision. Remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. He or she will be wearing this symbol of your commitment to each other for the rest of their life.

Choosing a well-crafted, gorgeous custom-designed or ready-to-wear ring will far outweigh any small discounts you may get by responding to an engagement ring sale or purchasing online in haste. If you want to propose during the holiday season (November to February), plan in advance the best that you can. Research, planning, and building a relationship with your family jeweler is the best method for ending up with a diamond that’s truly exquisite.

Wrap It Up. What’s our best advice?

Start the process of looking for your engagement ring 2-3 months in advance. If you know you’re going to make your own ring, then maybe give yourself a bit more time in the event there are design challenges, shipping issues, etc. There is a trade-off regardless of the season when purchasing engagement rings. Each season brings with it its pros and cons. There are different deals from various vendors and various times around the year, whether it’s in peak or off-peak season. These don’t always translate into huge savings if you’re working with a large or reputable retailer. Diamonds are competitively priced market-wide at this point.

While looking for a lower-cost ring is always a good idea, we don’t think that it should be the deciding factor when purchasing your engagement ring. Spend enough time to research and find the right ring to suit your other half. At the end of the day, the most important factor is to opt for a ring that they will fall in love with.

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At Gittelson Jewelers, we’ve spent 35+ years in downtown Minneapolis getting to know our customers, our customer’s kids, and in some cases, their children. We serve generations of families by offering intimate and educational buying experiences that live in your family for years. Whether you’re looking for a ready-to-wear option or would like to make your own ring, Gittelson Jewelers in Minneapolis would love to be an integral part of your family’s love.

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