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‘Blue Moon’ Diamond – World’s Most Expensive Piece of Jewelry

Blue Diamond luxury jewelry

The “Blue Moon” Diamond. The world’s most luxurious jewelry.

Luxury Jewelry“. The brilliance of this blue diamond is absolutely dazzling. Weighing in at an astounding 12+ carats this rare blue diamond dubbed ‘Blue Moon’ is an ode to diamonds everywhere. Many people do not realize that diamonds come in other varieties of colors besides the traditional white diamond. However, this unusual diamond proves that going against the norm could be a stunning possibility for those seeking out a custom jewelry piece. Luckily, the jewelry designers at Gittelson Jewelers in Minneapolis have a great track record for crafting custom pieces like one that would feature a beautiful blue diamond.

Blue Diamond Jewelry

The Blue Moon Diamond – The worlds’ most expensive piece of Jewelry.

Exquisite Jewelry

Since diamonds are often featured in engagement rings, a blue diamond engagement ring would be a great idea for a custom jewelry piece. Instead of using the traditional white diamond in a solitaire style, replacing the white diamond in the center with an unusually beautiful one similar to ‘The Blue Moon of Josephine’ would certainly get any woman’s attention.  Naturally, a diamond that you choose would have the essence of the recently sold ‘Blue Moon’ by emulating the beautiful blue color and faceting that only a diamond can reflect. At Gittelson Jewelers Minneapolis, we have spent 30 years crafting only the finest in custom jewelry and diamond engagement rings. Many are made by process of designing your own engagement ring where a customer’s ideas are brought to life by 3D CAD and wax models before moving to production.

White gold or platinum is usually the metal of choice, however, if the recipient of the ring loves a vintage flair, a ring would show up beautifully in yellow gold with mil-grain accents. After the engagement ring is designed, a proposal made and an excited YES by the bride-to-be there is more in store for the couple. A custom made wedding band can really complete the look before nuptials are exchanged. Men can even get on the bandwagon with blue diamonds interspersed within their wedding band. There is really no limit to the creativity of our customers or our jewelry designers when designing a custom engagement ring.


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